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Are you looking for an FDA-approved contraceptive

that's safe, effective, and hormone free?

Welcome to the world of better contraception!


The FemCap is woman-controlled birth control that’s a safe and effective alternative to other methods of contraception such as the pill, the patch, intrauterine devices (IUDs), other barrier methods or the condom.

While the FemCap does require a prescription from a health care professional, the FemCap does not require custom fitting. The FemCap comes in three sizes based on obstetric (pregnancy) history.

The FemCap is a reusable cervical cap made of non-allergenic, durable, surgical-grade silicone. Shaped like a sailor’s hat, the FemCap has a flared brim and is designed to prevent it from being dislodged during intercourse. The FemCap covers the cervix, preventing sperm from entering. Clinical trials show that, when used in conjunction with spermicide, this non-invasive, non-hormonal contraceptive device is over 92% effective in the prevention of pregnancy.

Safe, no side effects

Easy to use

Effective and highly acceptable

More natural than other methods

Does not interfere with sexual desire or pleasure to either partner

Instant reversibility if pregnancy is desired

Does not interfere with breastfeeding

Continuous protection for 48 hours

Unlike some other barrier contraceptive methods, the FemCap can be left in place for up to 48 hours of contraceptive protection. It’s also washable and reusable for up to a year. The FemCap is comfortable, easy to use, and instantly reversible — when you’re ready to get pregnant, just stop using it.

Easy, Effective Birth Control

Key Benefits

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How to order FemCap

FemCap requires a prescription from your doctor. It is available in three sizes. A pelvic exam or traditional diaphragm fitting is not required for FemCap use, if your size is unknown select one of the three sizes based on obstetric (pregnancy) history.

Step 1:

Obtain your prescription from your physician/healthcare provider.

Step 2:

Once you have your prescription, you have three options for fulfillment.

Option 2: Independent Pharmacy

Click image below to see and download letter for your usage.

Note: Many pharmacies may not currently stock FemCap and will need to order it. Print the pharmacy letter above to take with you. The letter provides the information to the pharmacy on where to order FemCap.

Option 1: Mail-Order Pharmacy

Click image below to see and download form for your usage.

Download and print this form - fill out and fax to the mail-order vendor.

Option 3: Helthcare Provider

Click image below to see and download letter for your usage.

Ask your physician/healthcare provider if they will order FemCap for your convenience.