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Lab Supplies


Product List

  • Urinalysis Reagent Strips

  • Alcohol Prep Pads

  • GLU/HGB Dual Control Starter Kit

  • HB201 Microcuvettes

  • HCG Pregnancy Tests

  • HCG Urine Test Kit   (CLIA Waived)

  • Hemoglobin Controls

  • Hemopoint H2 Microcuvettes Test Kit

  • Microscope Slides

  • OSOM Trichomonas Rapid Test

  • pH Paper

  • Sharps Containers

  • Urine Specimen Container

  • Vacutainers

Not all of our products are listed, please give us a call if you don't see what you are looking for at 1-800-850-1657 or email us at and we will be happy to help.

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