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Easy to use.

The Caya® Contoured Contraceptive Diaphragm is the next generation diaphragm in the US market. The Caya's® unique, contoured shape is designed with the female anatomy in mind. It was found to be comfortable, easy to use, and effective.

The best part, ONE SIZE FITS MOST!

There is a new trend among modern women- they prefer everything to be all natural; from their food to cosmetics, and now when it comes to their contraception! These women prefer the non-hormonal Caya® diaphragm over a hormonal alternative. As a provider, you can offer your patient the Caya® diaphragm, to give her another option of contraception to decide what method she may prefer.

Get Birth control that puts YOU in Control

Key Advantages:

  • Comfortable, One Size Fits Most

  • Reusable for Two Years

  • Latex free 

  • Contraceptive Barrier Method

  • Safe and Hormone-Free

  • Easy to Use and Remove

  • No Side Effects

How it Works:

Caya® contoured diaphragm is easy to use – comparable to the use of a tampon. It’s shape ensures correct position around the cervix.​

  • Is inserted like a tampon

  • Covers the cervix

  • Acts as a mechanical barrier that prevents sperm from entering the uterus.

  • Caya® should always be used with a contraceptive gel such as Gynol II vaginal contraceptive gel.

Cervical Cup: Made of a thin, silicone material that covers the cervix and accommodates a range of cervical sizes.

Rim: Flexible, provides stability and helps guide Caya® deep into the vagina as the woman pushes on the anterior edge. Holds the diaphragm in place and ensures that it is positioned correctly.

Grip dimples: Orient the woman's finger and provides a tactile cue for where to hold and squeeze the rim

Removal dome: Allows for easy removal; a women's finger can fit under or over the dome to remove the device

Center point: Palpable center point for a better positioning of the diaphragm

Interested in Caya®?

Getting Caya® into Your Office:

1. Free, Single Use "Test Fit" Samples

While the Caya® Diaphragm does not require a traditional fitting, we understand that in some cases a patient may have a particular concern if it will work for them or not, especially in cases such as a retroverted uterus. Therefore, we have available for free, "Test Fit" samples of Caya® diaphragms just for that situation! These samples are single use, disposable units for you to assist your patient and ascertain if the Caya® will work for them!

2. Dispense Caya® in Your Office

You can order the Caya® Diaphragm directly from HPSRx Enterprises and dispense Caya® in your office. Convenience for your patient, income for your practice.

How To Get The Caya®

The Caya® requires a prescription from your healthcare provider.  It is available in one size and fits most women.  A pelvic exam or traditional diaphragm fitting is not required for Caya® use, yet having your provider determine your size or test fit a Caya® will confirm that the Caya® will work for you.

Step 1:  Obtain a prescription from your healthcare provider.  They may call, fax or e-script the prescription directly to the pharmacy; or they will provide you with a written prescription.

Step 2: Once you have your prescription, there are three (3) options to get it filled:  Mail Order Pharmacies, Local Chained-Owned or Independent Pharmacies, or your provider may purchase Caya® from HPSRx and dispense the Caya® in their office. 


Pharmacies that have access to Caya® include:  Publix, Walmart, Winn Dixie, Costco, Rite Aid, Target, Albertson's and many independent pharmacies.

For more information click the button below to visit the Caya US website.
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