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Prevention is Protection

Provide Immediate Protection With HyperRHO S/D® Immune Globulin

HyperRHO® S/D Full Dose 


Full Dose Product High Quality.png
  • 4-step virus removal and inactivation process

  • The only Rho(D) immune globulin product with FDA labeling for prion removal

  • Mercury (thimerosal) and latex free

  • Needle guards to protect against needlestick injury

HyperRHO® S/D Mini-Dose 

Mini Dose Product high quality.png


  • Dosing consistent with ACOG practice guidelines


  • Low-volume fully assembled prefilled syringes



HyperRHO S/D destroys Rh-Positive cells in the mother's body, prevents the mother's immune system from producing Rh-positive antibodies, and protects the baby from contracting HDN 


An antepartum and postpartum administration of a single dose of HyperRHO S/D to susceptible   Rh-negative Women Reduces the risk of the mother developing antibodies to less than 0.1%


Each single dose syringe contains sufficient

Anti-Rho(D) to effectively suppress the immunizing potential of 15 mL of Rh-positive red blood cells

It is estimated that each year, nearly 1 million pregnancies are impacted by potential of Rh sensitization which may lead to hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN). ₁,₂ 

Treatment, Safety, and Reliability matter to us.

CHOOSE HyperRHO® S/D as your prevention.

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