What is Dilapan-S?

Dilapan-S® is an hygroscopic osmotic dilator cervical dilator from a patented Aquacryl hydrogel that guarantees consistency of action. It is a rigid gel rod that increases in volume by absorbing fluids gradually dilating the cervix. Simultaneously, Dilapan-S® initiates endogenous prostaglandin release, causing collagen degradation which softens the cervix. 

It is manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified facility and is fully CE certified under the Medical Device Directive (EN46002). Approved by FDA for sales in the United States.

Indications for use:

Cervical ripening prior to the induction of labor 

Cervical dilation prior to instrumentation of the uterine cavity, e.g., termination of pregnancy, ERPC, fetal demise, Hysteroscopy, etc.

Recommendation For Use:


Cervical ripening prior to induction of labor

Cervical ripening prior to termination of pregnancy

When Dilapan-S 4mm cannot be inserted in early pregnancy, or when removal is to be accomplished in less than 4 hours 





How does it work:

Cervical Ripening

Prior to the Induction of Labor

Key Benefits Prior to the Induction of Labor:

  • Cervical ripening prior to the induction of labor

  • Gentle and predictable cervical dilation

  • No pharmacological side effects

  • High level of patient comfort

  • Easily managed on site or at home

  • Effective and safe for VBAC

Cervical Dilation Prior to Instrumentation of the Uterine Cavity

  • Termination of pregnancy/ERPC

  • Fetal demise/Miscarriage Management 

  • In Vitro Fertilization, Embryo Transfer, Hysteroscopy, Endometrial Biopsy, Etc

Key Benefits:
  • Significant increase in cervical ripening 

  • Gentle; high predictability of dilation 

  • No pharmacological side effects

  • Very high patient acceptability 

Dilapan-S® represents one of the most preferred methods of cervical preparation prior to D&E procedure in second trimester thanks to its predictability, efficacy, and safety(19)

Society for Family Planning Clinical Guidelines, 2013(21)

  • After 14 weeks of gestation, osmotic dilators provide superior dilation to medical methods (grade B)

RCOG Evidence-based Clinical Guidelines, No. 7, Nov 2011: (21)

Conclusions and Recommendations:

Level A:

  • When osmotic dilator placement and D&E are to be performed on the same day, DilapanS® is preferred over laminaria tents to achieve adequate priming more quickly.

  • Osmotic dilators achieve more preoperative dilation than mifepristone or misoprostol.

  • Dilapan–S® is safe and effective for cervical preparation prior to D&E.

  • Use of osmotic dilators does not increase infectious morbidity. 

Level B:

  •  Prior to 20 weeks’ gestation, adequate cervical preparation may be achieved with a single set of osmotic dilators.

  • Dilapan–S® placed 3–4 hrs prior to D&E is a safe alternative to overnight dilator placement up to 18 weeks’ gestation. 

  • Use of misoprostol or mifepristone as an alternative to osmotic tents increases risk of inadequate cervical dilation.

  • Routine use of adjunctive buccal misoprostol in addition to osmotic dilators is not recommended before 16 weeks’ gestation but may be considered when difficult cervical dilation is anticipated or at later gestational ages. 

Level C:

  • Only experienced providers capable of managing difficult cervical dilation should use protocols omitting osmotic tent placement prior to D&E.

  • Overnight placement of osmotic dilators is recommended after 18 weeks’ gestation. Highly experienced D&E providers may consider
    same-day procedures at later gestations utilizing a combination of osmotic and pharmacologic
    agents or serial doses of misoprostol. 

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